Rajeev Kapur

One of the traits of successful people is that they don’t limit themselves to only one field or discipline, they continuously evolve themselves with time and become the better versions of themselves. Rajeev Kapur is one such person who is a master of not just one but many traits. Apart from being a successful business tycoon, he is an avid biker, car enthusiast, certified scuba diver, singer, keen traveler and an actor.

From the very childhood, business has been Rajeev Kapur’s passion. He used to visit his dad’s office as a child and, joined his family business at an early age of 20 years and since then he hasn’t seen back. In his own words, he can be heard saying, “It gives me a tremendous amount of pleasure to set up new plants and Industries.” And as of 2019 he has ventured into more than 50 trades and has opened many industrial units.

He gives the credit of all his success to his parents, stating they instilled in him the business value to treat all the employees like family. He believes that treating the employees well and creating a friendly environment keeps the employees motivated, making them work harder to grow the business and become a part of it.